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Hear from our graduate: Danielle

Danielle: Analyst – Skills, Employment and Enterprise

One of my favourite things about working at the Treasury is that we get to talk to people; including agencies, academics and industry.

It is quite easy, when you are sitting in the office, to forget the impact of what you are doing. Getting to interact with people makes the work we do more rewarding. As a vote analyst, we review policy advice. We help agencies ensure what they are working on is in line with the government priorities and we make connections across government. We also monitor agencies.

I cover Economic Development and Research, Science and Innovation, and get to see a wide range of things across these area. I like thinking about how these things relate to strategies and to other things that are going on across government. Even as a graduate, you get to see talk to ministers and chief executives. The Treasury is a great place to get a whole range of skills and the ability to do things by yourself quite early on.

Danielle represents The Policy, Performance and Advisory Stream.

Last updated: 
Thursday, 24 January 2019