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Hear from our graduate: Rachelle

Rachelle: Analyst – Budget Management

The word I would use to describe the Treasury is influential. You are surrounded by people who have fantastic experience and insights.

I remember when I first got here I was really impressed by the way that people thought on their feet and tested ideas with each other. I learn something every single day.

A key piece of work that I have completed was when I was in the housing policy team. I was heavily involved in the creation of emergency housing for New Zealanders that would have otherwise been homeless. I worked closely with the Ministry of Social Development and other agencies that were working setting up the emergency housing. I enjoyed working on the project because you knew that you were working on something that made a big difference. There were also commercial and social elements to the project that I might not have seen if I worked somewhere else.

Another key piece of work that I get to lead is the annual budget. During this process, you get to work on all stages of the budget including strategy and the design phase, the development of new proposals, and get to influence decisions that are made on where the Government spends new money. This involves collaboration across the public sector, the Treasury, Ministers and Cabinet.

Rachelle represents The Policy, Performance and Advisory Stream.

Last updated: 
Thursday, 24 January 2019