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About the programme

100% of our 2016 interns surveyed would recommend a Treasury internship to other university students
Of the 2016 intern cohort, 2/3 were not from Wellington and relocated for the summer


29 interns were hired for our 2017 summer projects that spread across 27 teams
There were 26 different opportunities available to our 2017 interns to participate in learning, personal development, networking or relationship building activities as part of our intern programme


Our Treasury interns connected with 118 other public sector interns at events in 2016
100% of 2016 interns surveyed said the Treasury Internship increased their desire to work in the public sector


Each summer, our intern and graduate cohorts participate in 5 inter-cohort challenge. This is to meet new people, have fun, and enjoy some health competition
92.8% of teams used or progressed the content from their 2016 team intern project, showing the ongoing value of the project


Even though you are with us for a short time, we want to make sure you have a memorable experience – for all the right reasons. While you are focusing on a technical or research project, our 10-12 week programme ensures that you are offered as many additional opportunities as possible.

These opportunities focus on three key areas:

  • Welcoming You

Your intern cohort will connect with one another other well before your first day in the office. You will also meet with members of your team to discuss your project and how to settle in. We want to make sure that from day one you are feeling supported, excited and enabled. Once you arrive, there are various induction activities which aim to bring you into the fold, ranging from a formal Powhiri to a three month peer buddy. 

  • Development

The development we focus on is specific to your short – medium term needs. By having a personal project supervisor and team buddy, and attending various lunchtime workshops, we aim to give you as much experiential learning as possible.

  • Networking

From participating in a graduates vs interns summer challenge to sitting down with our Chief Executive, we make sure that you are constantly growing your network. Going back to our Maori proverb, we know that our most valuable asset is our people – so we try to connect you with as many diverse, knowledgeable and insightful people as possible.

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Friday, 2 March 2018