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Our interns

A Treasury intern is very similar to a Treasury graduate – the only difference is our interns are still enrolled at University and are therefore on fixed-term agreements. Like a Treasury graduate, a Treasury intern is someone who can both progress the small details of a day-to-day role, while remaining focused on the big picture – raising living standards for all New Zealanders.

At the Treasury, we remain committed to employing people who represent the New Zealand community we serve. We value diversity and are interested in working with interns from all walks of life, academic disciplines, backgrounds, locations and life experiences. We want you to share your unique perspectives and bring your whole self to work.

Our interns are conscientious individuals who:

  • Can successfully adapt to an ever changing political and economic environment
  • Driven to enhance own personal and professional development
  • Enjoy and have the capability to work with numbers
  • Build trusted, collaborative and constructive relationships
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, for a wide range of audiences
  • Are critical thinkers and have analytical ability
  • Are broadminded, inquisitive and harnesses new and innovative ways of working and thinking
  • Value diversity and demonstrate inclusive practices
  • Have personal integrity, sound judgement and an honest and ethical approach.

Hear from some of our past interns:

Caleb: Graduate Analyst, Tax Strategy
Caleb: Graduate Programme - Tax Strategy

Caleb: Graduate Analyst, Tax Strategy

I chose the Treasury internship programme because it hit most of my interest areas.

I studied economics at University and the Treasury seemed like a fantastic high-level place to get involved and do some practical analysis.

During my time in the Treasury, I worked on two projects. One was helping my team prepare for the Future of Work Tripartite Forum which involved a lot of research and report writing. My longer term project was completing a literature review examining the role distance plays in affecting trade and productivity outcomes. It was a super interesting experience.

The Treasury summer internship is a great opportunity to work in one of the most important public sector institutions in the country surrounded by incredibly intelligent people. You may feel a little out of our depth at times but it is a rewarding experience.


Michael: Graduate Analyst, Health
Michael: Graduate Programme - Tax Strategy

Michael: Graduate Analyst, Health

I was interested in how the Government makes its big trade-offs, how it determines what is valuable, and what we should focus our attention on.

The Treasury seemed like the best place to go for that – it is at the heart of everything that the government does.

The Treasury is a place of deep thinkers, who can connect to high-level social issues and drill right down to the detail. My favourite thing about working here is being surrounded by people who are ambitious, curious and driven to make a difference. As an intern, you can participate in discussions that will shape where the country heads. There is so much to get involved in – you can listen to guest academics, attend our economics and policy discussion forums, play sport or sing waiata.

During my time in the Treasury Summer Internship, I undertook a research project looking at the quality of jobs in New Zealand and how we can measure that, learning from international examples. I felt comfortable coming from a university background as the project I was doing felt quite familiar but I was doing it in a real-life environment and surrounded by a team of analysts who were working on real-life issues. I had a lot of flexibility to balance my big deliverable project with the opportunities for growth. 

The Treasury Internship Programme is the best kick-start to your career whether you want to go into the public or private sector. It is so precious to have a view across the whole government system and across society.


Rose: Graduate Analyst, Economic Strategy and Advice 
Rose: Graduate Programme - Tax Strategy

Rose: Graduate Analyst, Economic Strategy and Advice

At the Treasury, you are given a lot of responsibility. Your views and opinions are valued and considered equal.

You can speak up in a meeting and people will listen to you. I was a part of the Office of the Chief Economic Advisor working on developing the Living Standards Framework’s dashboard including choosing the indicators and gathering submissions.

I had an amazing opportunity: I met ministers and senior officials from Treasury and other agencies and wrote Treasury reports and a cabinet paper.  Writing the first Wellbeing outlook section of the budget policy statement was one of the highlights – pulling it all together for the first time for the Minister of Finance and my work being used in the final version.

You come in and you do not realise the work that you are doing has such an impact on people. One thing that I love about the Treasury is that you are working as part of an organisational and part of the machine that improves and helps people.

Every day is very different. You are not doing the same thing every day. In terms of like the internship – you do not realise the variety of work the Treasury does, it is cool being exposed it all and the awesome talks that happen and forums that you can go to. Everyone wants to help you with your learning and development.

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