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Embargoed briefing, under lock-up conditions, for Budget 2015

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Media Advisory: Registrations open to attend Budget 2015 lock-up

A Budget 2015 embargoed briefing for media and economic and financial analysts will be held on Thursday 21 May, under lock-up conditions, at the Banquet Hall in Parliament Buildings.

The Minister of Finance will attend the Budget lock-up briefing. Documents will be available from 10.30am and Treasury officials will be available to answer technical questions arising from the Budget documents.

As in previous years, priority for seats at the lock-up briefing will be given to:

  • national and international media organisations and
  • economic and financial analysts attached to either financial institutions or national organisations that provide relevant specialist advisory services.

What: Embargoed briefing, under lock-up conditions, for Budget 2015
Where: The Banquet Hall, Parliament, Wellington
When: 10.30am to 2.00pm on Thursday 21 May 2014

Access will be available to the Banquet Hall from 10.00am.

Terms and Conditions for attending the Budget lock-up

By submitting a registration, attendees agree to the conditions for attending the lock-up briefing. Compliance with the provisions will be monitored. Compliance with the embargo provisions is taken seriously. Any individual or organisation that breaches the embargo provisions may be refused permission to attend future lock-ups hosted by the Treasury.  The terms and conditions for the Budget lock-up are:

  1. No information may be transmitted or released from the lock-up until after the embargo is lifted at 2.00pm on Thursday 21 May 2015.
  2. At 1:55pm, those attending the lock-up briefing will be permitted to start preparations to transmit information.
  3. Data cards, wireless networking and other communication devices or services built into laptops, tablets, smart phones, cameras and other equipment must not be used before 2.00pm during the Lock-up briefing to transmit information outside the lock-up briefing.
  4. Other than visits to the bathroom, no one will be permitted to leave the venue once documents have been distributed.
  5. Accredited representatives of the Parliamentary Press Gallery will be permitted to leave the venue at 1.55pm so they can attend the 2.00pm start of the Hon Bill English’s Budget Speech in the House of Representatives.
  6. The Treasury will announce the end of the lock-up, which is when information may be transmitted and when remaining journalists and analysts may leave the venue.
  7. In the unlikely event that the building has to be evacuated before 2.00pm due to an emergency, the embargo will be lifted and attendees should leave the building immediately.

Note: Mobile phones do not need to be surrendered before entering the lock-up briefing but must not be used to receive or transmit any voice, text, images or data from within the lock-up until after 2.00pm on Thursday 21 May 2015.

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