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Guest lecture

Long-term Fiscal Position

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Frank Eich presented a Guest Lecture at the Treasury on 31 January 2006.


Frank Eich

HM Treasury

Frank Eich studied economics at the University of Constance in Germany and at the London School of Economics, where he received a PhD in Economics (in the area of new economic geography) in 1997. Between 1997 and 2000, he worked as editor/economist in the western European team at the Economist Intelligence Unit (which belongs to the Economist magazine group) in London, before joining the UK Treasury. Since then he has worked in the area of fiscal and macroeconomic policy, specialising in longer-term economic trends and their potential impact on the public finances. He is representing the UK on the EU's Working Group on Ageing and has been the leading editor and analyst for HM Treasury's Long-term public finance report.

Frank Eich is a Senior Policy Advisor, Fiscal & Macroeconomic Policy in HM Treasury.  He is here in Wellington for a week as a Visiting Research Fellow.

The Public Finance Act requires the NZ Treasury to prepare the first report on the long-term fiscal position by 30 June this year and then at intervals not exceeding four years.  Our ageing population is likely to put stresses on our fiscal position in the long term and we may need to seek alternative fiscal strategies.

Frank Eich has produced the UK Treasury's annual Long-term public finance report for the past four years.  In this guest lecture, he will talk about the background of the UK report, how it has evolved through this period, what they've found out, and how the work has made a difference to policy analysis and policy making in the UK. This should provide useful lessons for our own report.


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