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Guest lecture

Visible Learning, Tomorrow's Schools, and the Mindsets that make the difference in Education

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Professor John Hattie's lecture presented at the Treasury on 8 September 2009.

Why Tomorrow's Schools is Yesterday's News, Why everything seems to work in Education, and Why certain Mindsets among educators truly make the difference. The session is concerned with the key issues that NZ could be dealing with that led to retaining our eminent status in schooling, and what may be needed to ensure all are educated to promote a worthwhile society.

Professor John Hattie

John Hattie is Professor of Education at Auckland University and Director of the Visible Learning Lab. His areas of interest are measurement models and their applications to educational problems, including item response models, structural equation modelling, measurement theory, and meta-analysis. John is chief moderator of the Performance Based Research Fund, President-elect of the International Test Commission, associate editor of British Journal of Educational Psychology, and is part-time cricket coach and umpire. He has published and presented over 550 papers, and supervised 160 theses students.

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