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Board appointments

The Treasury's Commercial Operations group provides advice to Shareholding Ministers and Responsible Ministers on candidates suitable for appointment to the boards of entities such as State-owned enterprises, the Crown financial institutions, other Crown entity companies and statutory entities.

The Treasury also provides this advice in relation to the boards of the Crown Research Institutes. Altogether, this covers 334 board positions. Other government departments and agencies provide the same service to Ministers for appointments to the several hundred other non-commercial government-appointed boards and commissions.

For information on some of those other departments and agencies, refer to:

Every year, the tenure of approximately one third of all board members (appointed by the Treasury) end and are considered by Ministers, assisted by advice provided by the Treasury. In many cases incumbent directors will be reappointed. However, Ministers will generally make between 50 - 60 new appointments each year.

A specialised team within the Treasury, the Governance and Performance team in the Commercial Operations group, manages the director selection process and recommends candidates to Ministers.

In this section

  • What we look for

    Every board vacancy creates an opportunity to assess the needs of the board and the entity. While particular expertise is a likely requirement for a specific position, candidates should also be aware of generic eligibility criteria.
  • Application process

    The Treasury operates an online database where candidates can express an interest in board positions, and upload and maintain their curriculum vitae.
  • Terms of appointment

    While candidates should undertake due diligence on boards they may have an interest in, they should also be aware of the generic terms and conditions of any proposed appointment. Below are some of the areas candidates need to consider.
  • Board appointments, induction and professional development

    This page lists the elements of a typical Treasury appointment round, board member induction process, and the Treasury's underpinning candidate identification programme.
  • Appointment-only entities

    There are some boards and bodies where the Treasury undertakes only the appointment function, while other parts of Treasury provide either the monitoring function or secretariat support.
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