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Board appointments, induction and professional development

This page lists the elements of a typical Treasury appointment round, board member induction process, and the Treasury's underpinning candidate identification programme. The appointment process is presented in chronological order. Various strands can overlap at any given time.

Please note: The Treasury's appointment process is undertaken in accordance with a process that has been endorsed by Cabinet for Crown companies. The Treasury’s process therefore differs slightly from the Board Appointment and Induction Guidelines, which other appointment officials use.

We also provide all appointments, induction and professional development information in a single document (293 KB) for convenient downloading.

See Viewing & Downloading Files for assistance with Adobe PDF documents.

The Treasury's On-Going Candidate Identification Programme

Treasury Board Appointment, Induction and Professional Development Programme

Preparation and Planning for Specific Appointments

Candidate Search

Candidate Assessment

Due Diligence

Cabinet Process



Induction and Professional Development

Governance of Boards

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018