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About the Commercial Operations group

The Commercial Operations group is a centre of commercial expertise and experience within the Treasury. It provides high quality commercial advice within the public sector, policy advice on state ownership matters and ensures Ministers are supported, well informed, active shareholders. 

The portfolio of the Crown’s commercial and financial entities constitutes a large portion of the entire value of assets on the Crown’s balance sheet. Ministers (as shareholders) have an obligation to ensure the Crown’s balance sheet is fit-for-purpose and is managed in a way that protects value, enhances performance and manages risk. To support Ministers, Commercial Operations is striving to be active, engaged and well informed.

The Commercial Operations group helps shareholding Ministers protect the value of the commercial portfolio by:

  • maintaining active relationships with entities and their boards by providing a link between the business world and the Crown as the shareholder 
  • gaining an in depth understanding of the business, operating environment and performance of each of the entities
  • providing Ministers with high quality analysis on performance and governance to inform their decision making
  • seeking out and recommending the appointment of high quality, fit-for-purpose directors to Crown company boards
  • understanding the portfolio as a whole and strategies to maximise opportunity and value

Commercial Operations Advisory Board

In 2014 the Commercial Operations Advisory Board was established to support the Deputy Secretary, Financial and Commercial Operations and the Commercial Operations group by:

  • reviewing and testing the Treasury’s high level strategic advice, where the outcomes could have a material impact on the performance of the commercial portfolio
  • providing guidance on the strategic approach and work programme priorities of the Treasury’s commercial operations, and
  • giving access to an independent “private sector” perspective, providing the portfolio with well informed advice

Read more about the Board's role: Treasury Appoints Commercial Operations Advisory Board

Last updated: 
Tuesday, 20 March 2018