Statutory corporation

The National Provident Fund (NPF) is a statutory Crown corporation and the collective name for nine National Provident Fund superannuation schemes and the Global Asset Trust. The NPF superannuation schemes are unique in New Zealand as they are government guaranteed. The Board of Trustees of the NPF administers the nine superannuation schemes and manages the investments held on behalf of the schemes (through the Global Asset Trust) in the best interests of the members, taking into account the interests of the employer contributors, and the Crown as guarantor of the benefits payable by the schemes.

Check the National Provident Fund website for the latest financial information.

Key Company Information

Entity Form Statutory Crown corporation
Established 1991
Head Office Wellington
Primary Legislation National Provident Fund Restructuring Act 1990

Board of Directors

Person Role Term
Dr Ed Schuck Chair 1 Jul 2015 - 30 Jun 2021
Mr Stephen Ward Deputy Chair 1 Sep 2016 - 30 Jun 2022
Ms Louise Edwards Member 1 Jul 2019 - 30 Jun 2022
Mr Daniel Mussett Member 1 Sep 2016 - 30 Jun 2022
Mr Wayne Stechman Member 1 Aug 2012 - 30 Jun 2021
Ms Sarah Park Member 1 Feb 2020 - 30 Jun 2022