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Interest areas

The Treasury has significant research, commentary, reports and other information on key topics of interest to New Zealanders.  These topics include how the largest portion of the governments revenue is spent on public services such as health and education.

In this section

  • Education and skills

    Treasury sees quality of education as an important contributor to raising living standards for New Zealanders.
  • Health

    Overview of Treasury information, research and policy publications about health in New Zealand and government expenditure on health.

  • Transport

    Overview of Treasury information, research and policy publications about transport in New Zealand and Government expenditure on transport.

  • Tax

    The Treasury provides advice to the government on New Zealand's tax system and its impact on the economy.
  • The Māori economy

    The Māori economy and asset base has grown significantly over the last 100 years. As such Māori and Iwi increasingly contribute and play a key role in New Zealand's economy. Māori contribution to the New Zealand economy is multi-faceted and includes the primary sector, natural resources, small and medium enterprises and tourism.
  • Housing

    The information on this page is currently under review and the content may no longer be accurate in all respects. Please check back again soon.
Last updated: 
Tuesday, 20 March 2018