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National Infrastructure Advisory Board

Consisting of members from the private sector and outside central government, the National Infrastructure Advisory Board was established to advise the National Infrastructure Unit and the Minister of Finance.

The Board provides both the Minister and the Unit with advice and perspectives on infrastructure project appraisal, capital asset management issues and the development of the New Zealand Infrastructure Plan. A key role for the Board is to engage with the private sector, local government and other stakeholders.

Previous Board members include Kathryn Edmonds (2011-2018), Lindsay Crossen (2009-2016), Matthew Birch (2013-2016), Dr Terence Heiler (2009-2015), Dr Rod Carr (2009-2014), Alex Sundakov (2009-2013), Dr Arthur Grimes (2009-2011), Sir Ron Carter (2009-2010), Rob McLeod (2009-2010), and Lawrence Yule (2015-2017).

  • John Rae

    John Rae

    Chairman of the New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development. [Chair of NIU]
  • Margaret Devlin

    Margaret Devlin

    Chair of Watercare Services, Harrison Grierson Engineering and the Joint Committee for the development of the Waikato Spatial Plan
  • Edward Guy

    Edward Guy

    Civil engineer and founder of Rationale Limited
  • Carl Hansen

    Carl Hansen

    Chief Executive of the Electricity Authority
  • Geoff Hunt

    President of McConnell Group
  • Fiona Mules

    Fiona Mules

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018