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National Infrastructure Unit

Treasury’s National Infrastructure Unit takes an overview of national infrastructure priorities, providing cross-government co-ordination, planning and expertise.

Its primary focus is on:

  • the performance of the stock of physical assets that underpin the functioning of the economy, specifically network and utility systems such as transport, water, communications and energy and
  • the quality of investment in, and long-run management of, key infrastructure (including areas of large capital expenditure) such as schools, hospitals and prisons.

The Unit develops its policy advice to infrastructure Ministers in close co-operation with the National Infrastructure Advisory Board

The Unit and the Board also developed the Thirty Year Infrastructure Plan and  a 10 year Capital Intentions Plan, working closely with government agencies, peak bodies and partner organisations across the local government and private sectors.

It also works collaboratively with central government departments and agencies, local government and the private sector.

Last updated: 
Sunday, 7 October 2018