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Infrastructure Transactions Unit

The Government has recognised the need to develop expert transactional capability to support the delivery of major infrastructure projects across central and local government.

To achieve this before the New Zealand Infrastructure Commission - Te Waihanga is up and running, an Infrastructure Transactions Unit (ITU) has been established within the Treasury with effect from 1 November 2018.

It will be incorporated into the New Zealand Infrastructure Commission - Te Waihanga from October 2019.

The overarching purpose of the ITU is to lift the quality of infrastructure procurement and delivery in New Zealand. Its primary role will be to support agencies and local authorities to procure and deliver major infrastructure projects and will supplement, rather than replace, existing capability. 

In addition, the ITU will provide a first point of contact for interested parties in the infrastructure sector to receive information on current and future infrastructure projects. 

The nature of support provided by the ITU will be tailored to suit the size, complexity and risk of the project and the procurement capability of the agency.  The ability of the ITU to support major infrastructure projects will build gradually over time, while the New Zealand Infrastructure Commission - Te Waihanga is established.

The ITU will initially focus on the following three key areas:

  • Infrastructure market and procurement pipeline:  Act as a ‘shop front’ for the market and publish a pipeline of infrastructure projects.
  • Best practice guidance:  Provide best practice guidance on infrastructure procurement and delivery, including standardised procurement processes and documentation for major infrastructure projects.
  • Procurement and delivery support: This would involve supporting agencies in the preparation of business cases for major infrastructure projects and with project delivery, including through the provision of embedded commercial and procurement expertise.

The ITU will have strong links to the infrastructure strategy and planning functions within the Treasury’s National Infrastructure Unit, while the new New Zealand Infrastructure Commission - Te Waihanga is established.

In addition, one of the functions of the ITU will be to coordinate the New Zealand Public Private Partnership Programme.

The ITU can be contacted at

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Thursday, 1 November 2018