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Public Private Partnership (PPP) Guidance

This suite of guidance material has been prepared by the Interim Infrastructure Transactions Unit (ITU). It may be updated or added to from time to time.

ITU PPP guidance documents have been written for public sector entities that are considering or implementing PPP as a procurement option for a major infrastructure project; specifically, those staff involved in the development and internal approval of the project business case and procurement process.

Each document must be read in conjunction with other ITU PPP guidance documents and applied in consultation with the ITU.  Application of the guidance to particular projects requires consideration of the specific circumstances and context.

Guidance topics

The New Zealand PPP Model and Policy: Setting the Scene

  • An introduction to the development, rationale, and implementation of the New Zealand PPP model, and guidance for assessing the benefits and suitability of PPP for new projects.

The PPP Procurement Process

  • An overview of the PPP procurement process, including the three core stages (EOI, RFP and Preferred Bidder negotiations).

Public Sector Comparator and Quantitative Assessment

  • Guidance on the development of the Public Sector Comparator and value for money assessment of PPP projects.

PPP Glossary

  • Definitions of terms used throughout the ITU PPP guidance documents.

The guidance documents located in this section of the Treasury website supersede any earlier PPP guidance prepared by the Treasury, including Guidance for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in New Zealand published in October 2009 by the National Infrastructure Unit.

Queries regarding PPP procurement and the contents of this guidance material may be directed to the ITU:

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Thursday, 1 November 2018