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Reports and think pieces

From time to time the Infrastructure Transactions Unit (ITU) will respond to key issues facing the sector, sometimes partnering with expert advisors to commission reports or think pieces.

National Construction Pipeline Report (Sept 2019) 

See: National Construction Pipeline Report 2019 (PDF 1.2MB) 

The National Construction Pipeline provides a forward view of national building and construction activity over a six-year period. The report is based on building and construction forecasting by the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ), and data from building economics consultancy Pacifecon NZ Ltd on known non-residential building and infrastructure intentions. It includes national and regional breakdowns of actual and forecast residential building, non-residential building and infrastructure activity.

National Construction Pipeline Report 2019 ITU Response (PDF 666KB)

Civil Contractors Construction Survey (Aug 2019) 

See: The 2018 Construction Industry Survey 

Civil Contractors New Zealand and Teletrac Navman commission an annual survey to gauge the issues for New Zealand’s civil construction companies. The survey results are used to shed light on industry topics, stimulate discussions, inform decision makers and voice your views to media, local and central government. The ITU’s response to the findings and themes of the report is below.

Civil Contractors Construction Survey ITU Response (PDF 565KB)

AECOM Sentiment Report (Aug 2019)

See: Sentiment Infrastructure and Buildings Construction Survey New Zealand 2019 (PDF)

AECOM publish an annual infrastructure and buildings construction survey that focuses on sentiment across the infrastructure market. The ITU’s response to the findings and themes of the report is below.

AECOM Sentiment Report ITU Response (PDF 676KB)

An examination of issues associated with the use of NZS Conditions of Contract (Aug 2019)

The ITU commissioned a review titled: An Examination of the use of NZS Conditions of Contract. Issues identified in the Infrastructure New Zealand Report: Creating Value Through Procurement, A Report into Public Sector Procurement of Major Infrastructure Projects (referred to as the Entwine Report) prompted the review.

Public sector and industry leaders were interviewed regarding current issues, good practice, and potential solutions.  This report identifies issues from both a public sector and industry perspective and opportunities for improvement.

The findings indicate a culture of mistrust between the public sector and industry and are broader than the use of contracts themselves. The review identified seven key challenges centred on this theme.

Responses from the annual AECOM Sentiment – Infrastructure and Buildings Construction Survey closely align with the findings of the review, with an increase in concern about poor procurement.

This review is intended to assist the ITU in its role to lift the performance of New Zealand’s public and private sectors in procuring and delivering major infrastructure projects.

An examination of issues associated with the use of NZS Conditions of Contract (PDF 758KB)

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Thursday, 15 August 2019