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Sector Guidance

One of the key functions of the Treasury’s Infrastructure Transactions Unit (ITU) is to prepare best practice guidance on major infrastructure procurement and delivery. 

More general procurement guidance is already available from other agencies, particularly the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment as part of its role as the functional lead for government procurement.  The ITU’s guidance is intended to complement, rather than substitute, such general material by focusing specifically on the procurement and delivery of major infrastructure projects. 

This work sits alongside the ITU’s primary role of supporting agencies and local authorities to procure and deliver major infrastructure projects.  With both this project support work and the publication of best practice guidance the goal is the same: to lift the performance of New Zealand’s public and private sectors in procuring and delivering major infrastructure projects.

Changes to the Cabinet Office requirements for investment management and the Government’s Procurement Rules are currently underway.  These changes will make the ITU’s guidance mandatory for most central government agencies from October 2019.

The first best practice guidance piece to be released is on Market Engagement.  Guidance on other aspects of the procurement and delivery of major infrastructure projects will be added over time.

Market Engagement

Procuring a major infrastructure project is likely to involve a market engagement process.  This guidance document details the elements procuring entities should consider in undertaking such a process, from scoping through to execution. It is intended for use by public sector Procuring Entities (including central and local government), their advisors and private sector entities.

Market Engagement Guidance (PDF 312KB)


Last updated: 
Thursday, 15 August 2019