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Sector analysis

Because the pipeline is a prototype, each sector view is currently represented by only one agency.  This will change as the pipeline expands to encompass more agencies and organisations across sectors.

Sector Number of projects per sector
Health 14 (8%)
Transport 44 (25%)
Education 52 (30%)
Water 0 (0%)
Defence 52 (30%)
Housing 0 (0%)
Justice 12 (7%)
Other - Not Specified 0 (0%)
Total 174 (100%)


There are 52 Ministry of Education projects in the pipeline, the majority of which are expected to be in procurement in the last half of 2019 and the first half of 2020. These projects are small –  27 are expected to be under $5 million and a further 25 under $25 million. They are predominantly new build school developments and refurbishments, and all will be procured as construct only.


All of the New Zealand Defence Force projects represented in the pipeline are part of the Defence Estate Regeneration Programme, and all are in the business case phase. These projects are anticipated to span housing, transport, ports and airfield infrastructure as well as the development of utilities, bases and hospital facilities. The 52 defence projects vary in value, with 21 projects below the $5 million range and up to two projects of between $100 and $250 million.


The 2018 Government Policy Statement on land transport (GPS) presents a change in direction for government transport investment, with a particular focus on safety improvements.  As a result, the transport sector is experiencing a shift from large scale to smaller scale projects.  Twelve state highway improvement proposals have been identified as being in need of re-evaluation to ensure they give effect to the GPS and achieve value for money.

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has included 44 projects in the pipeline at this time. The Infrastructure Transactions Unit understands that the NZTA is currently reviewing its pipeline of projects therefore the majority of NZTA projects within the pipeline are subject to funding as the NZTA works to provide a further update of their workplan shortly. 


While there are only 14 Ministry of Health projects in the pipeline, these represent some of the larger capital infrastructure projects by value, including the Dunedin Public Hospital Rebuild, the largest single project in the pipeline at an estimated $1.4 billion.  Within the pipeline the Dunedin Public Hospital rebuild represents three separate projects.  The first is site clearance commencing 2020, followed by stages one and two of the Ambulatory Services Centre, and lastly the Acute Building and remainder of the campus.


There are 12 justice sector projects in the pipeline from the Department of Corrections. Four projects in the pipeline are valued at over $50 million. The highest value project at over $500 million is the Waikeria Prison development, currently under construction. This involves a new 500-bed high-security prison and a 100-bed mental health facility.

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Thursday, 9 May 2019