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Long-term infrastructure planning

The New Zealand Infrastructure Commission has been established to improve how we coordinate and plan our infrastructure to deliver what we need, where and when we need it.

But good planning depends on good information, and good information on infrastructure spend is currently lacking.

At least every five years the Commission will develop a 30-year infrastructure plan, to replace the government’s current 30 year plan.  In doing so, it will work with central government, local government, the private sector, and the New Zealand public, to build a consensus on a long-term vision that is best for New Zealand.

In determining what is needed in that plan, it is expected it will take into account long-term trends that will affect what infrastructure is needed – trends such as climate change, new technologies and demographic change. So the focus will be on broad strategy and priorities for infrastructure, not on individual projects.

The government’s ten-year capital intentions plan provides a macro-level view of all known investment intentions across central and local government and the private sector.  But it lacks certainty on specific projects and includes many projects that will likely not proceed during the time period.

By shining a light on the credible, committed projects expected over a five year horizon, the pipeline will help with aligning those projects with New Zealand’s longer-term infrastructure plans.

For central government at least, this includes ensuring we are prioritising the infrastructure investment that best addresses those needs.

Last updated: 
Wednesday, 8 May 2019