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Ten-year Capital Intentions Plan

A ten-year capital intentions plan was included in the first cross-sector infrastructure evidence base, developed in 2014. 

The Treasury refreshed the evidence base in October 2016 by updating the Capital Intentions Plan. It shows estimated spending to 2025 across central government, local government and the private sector, with the aim of giving investors greater certainty of upcoming investment needs and opportunities.

The evidence base was compiled using publicly-available information and discussions with infrastructure sectors. It was done in response to a major constraint identified in the 2011 National Infrastructure Plan regarding lack of data to assess the performance of New Zealand infrastructure.

As well as a ten-year capital intentions plan, the full evidence base comprises:

  • An overview document, including methodology and key sector messages;
  • Sector specific narratives, including an assessment of the current state of infrastructure and potential future pressures on it;
  • An analysis of potential future demand pressures on infrastructure, based on sector specific scenario and trend information; and
  • A resilience assessment;

The National Infrastructure Unit welcomes feedback on this publication, including information on further data to strengthen the evidence base

21-10-2016National Infrastructure Unit
21-10-2016National Infrastructure Unit
21-10-2016National Infrastructure Unit

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