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Broadening our perspective on wellbeing

The Living Standards Framework (LSF) is based on earlier OECD work, but it has been refined over several years by the Treasury and tailored for New Zealand. Achieving a broader, more holistic approach has involved consultation with many groups.

Over the years it has been developing its LSF, the Treasury has commissioned a number of papers by independent experts to support our work. These papers represent the work and thoughts of the authors and not those of the Treasury.

The Treasury has also established its Community for Policy Research to promote ongoing dialogue between researchers and policy practitioners on current New Zealand economic issues.

By finding and using the complementarities in the diverse skills of New Zealand’s experts, the Treasury hopes to improve the quality of policy advice and ultimately enhance the wellbeing of current and future generations of New Zealanders through better economic policy.


The wellbeing work of the OECD is a foundation for the Treasury’s Living Standards Framework. Below are links to key OECD documents of particular relevance and interest to New Zealand.

OECD (2017) How’s Life? 2017: Measuring Well-being,
OECD Publishing, Paris

OECD (2017) How's Life in New Zealand - November 2017
OECD Publishing, Paris

Interactive guide for New Zealand:

Links to data and other materials:

For those interested in link between the OECD’s work and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the OECD has provided a helpful guide:

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Tuesday, 4 December 2018