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Proposal for a Living Standards Dashboard

In 2018 the Treasury commissioned and consulted publically on an independent proposal (written by wellbeing expert Conal Smith) for a Living Standards Dashboard.

About the paper

Smith’s paper, Treasury Living Standards Dashboard: Monitoring Intergenerational Wellbeing was released in June 2018.

This paper develops a proposed Living Standards Dashboard to support the application of the Living Standards Framework to policy issues. It sets out a starting list of indicators capturing the key concepts of current wellbeing, the capital stocks that form the productive resources used to produce wellbeing, as well as New Zealand’s net claims on the rest of the world, and productivity. A full abstract is included at the above link.

Press release

See the related Treasury press release, Have your say on living standards indicators for New Zealand.

Media briefing

See the related opening remarks and presentation from the media briefing on this proposal:


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Tuesday, 4 December 2018