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Bona vacantia (ownerless) property

The Treasury's Legal Team advises the Secretary to the Treasury on requests for the Crown to deal with bona vacantia property.

The Treasury Legal Group will make best endeavours to:

  • respond to any written queries about bona vacantia within 1-2 working days;
  • review draft documentation within 5 working days; and
  • process bona vacantia applications within 10 working days.

If your application is urgent, please indicate this in your application and state the reasons why your application should be accorded urgency.

Please note that while the Treasury’s Legal Team is able to provide you with information regarding bona vacantia applications, it does not provide legal advice to members of the public. Nothing on the Treasury’s website should be construed as legal advice.

If you require legal advice, you should obtain independent advice from an experienced legal practitioner. Further information on obtaining legal advice can be found at the law society.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018