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Implementation of the National Infrastructure Plan 2011

The 2011 NIP contained eight specific actions, as well as goals for each sector and overall NIP outcomes. Implementation of these is delivered through collaboration between Central Government, Local Government and the private sector.

Each year, NIU releases an annual "State of the Nation Report" reviewing the last year, and identifying key areas of progress against the outcomes and principles of the NIP. The report covers some of the outstanding opportunities and challenges ahead and identifies the priority areas for focus from a NIP perspective. The report is also an opportunity for the National Infrastructure Advisory Board to provide an overview of NIP developments and highlight areas of interest or in particular need of attention.

For more information see:
Infrastructure 2013: National State of Infrastructure Report.
Infrastructure 2012: National State of Infrastructure Report.

The NIU also engages in an annual work programme. The 2014 work programme focuses on how New Zealand might respond to the challenges presented in the evidence base, published in February 2014. More information will become available throughout the year on this website.

The 2014 work programme builds on 2013, which focussed on a number of workstreams and activities that together build the evidence base on how our national infrastructure is currently performing, future demands on it and how we are tracking against the outcomes of the NIP. For more information on the key workstreams that build the evidence base, please use the links below:

Alongside and as part of these work areas, the NIU is involved in a range of other infrastructure policy work related to the NIP. These include the various Christchurch and Auckland plans, Resource Management Act reforms and housing affordability, the Productivity Commission enquiries on local government regulation (and previous enquiries on housing and freight), the Better Local Government reforms, current and potential Public/Private Partnerships (PPPs), the TSO/TCA review and 700MHz spectrum auction in the telecommunications sector, oil security and energy sector resilience, long term Transport investment in a constrained fiscal environment, and progressing the Capital Asset Management (CAM) programme - including application of the Better Business Case methodology.

Key documents are posted below, and we welcome feedback on these. For further information on the NIU work programme see NIU Implementation Plan for 2014 and to stay in touch with ongoing developments, see Infrastructure Update, the NIU newsletter


Key documents and resources will be posted below for feedback and to keep you informed of progress.

Documents available in Adobe PDF format. Using PDF Files
Doc.Date Title Created By Download
1 Mar 2014 NIU Implementation Plan for 2014
Released 23 Apr 2014
National Infrastructure Unit
469.04 KB
17 Oct 2013 Infrastructure 2013: National State of Infrastructure Report (October 2013) National Infrastructure Advisory Board & National Infrastructure Unit
1.36 MB
25 Feb 2013 NIU Implementation Plan for 2013
Released 26 Feb 2013
National Infrastructure Unit
308.73 KB
5 Nov 2012 Infrastructure 2012: National State of Infrastructure Report: A Year on from the National Infrastructure Plan (November 2012) National Infrastructure Advisory Board &
National Infrastructure Unit
1.53 MB
1 Feb 2012 Implementation Plan for the 2011 National Infrastructure Plan
Released 29 Feb 2012
National Infrastructure Unit
300.67 KB
20 Dec 2011 Water Policy Work Summary at 20 December 2011
Released 29 Feb 2012
National Infrastructure Unit

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