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Performance Indicators and Trends/Scenarios Analysis

Key actions from the 2011 NIP related to improving the level and quality of information available to infrastructure decision makers, specifically:

  • Improve access to information on current infrastructure performance to create certainty about when, where and how infrastructure development is occurring, including consideration of whole life costs.
  • Develop performance indicators for each sector on the stock, state and performance of central and local government infrastructure assets as well as those managed by the private sector.
  • Improve scenario modeling to more accurately project likely infrastructure investment requirements in the short to very long term.

The NIU has been working with stakeholders in the public and private sectors to deliver these actions, and in February 2014 published the first infrastructure evidence base.

The work on performance indicators is informed by initial thinking from Beca and Covec, proposing a framework for considering the performance of New Zealand’s infrastructure. This is has been developed, refined, and completed where possible with the support of public and private sector stakeholders. The result is a narrative document, illustrating the current state of infrastructure in each sector, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of the sector and underpinned by quantitative data.

The scenario and trend analysis work is designed to show the potential future pressures on New Zealand infrastructure and has been delivered by collating evidence from within infrastructure sectors. The NIU has not completed its own modelling, but has drawn from existing evidence.

For the final documentation, please see the Evidence Base page, and for supporting documentation, please see below.


Key documents and resources will be posted below for feedback and to keep you informed of progress.

Documents available in Adobe PDF format. Using PDF Files
Doc.Date Title Created By Download
13 Aug 2013 Trends analysis/scenario modelling workshops summary, August 2013
Released 13 August 2013
National Infrastructure Unit
Jun 2013 Trends analysis/scenario modelling workshop slides, June 2013
Released 1 July 2013
National Infrastructure Unit
30 May 2013

Overview of Scenario Modelling Workshops, June 2013
Released 30 May 2013

National Infrastructure Unit
Mar 2013 National Infrastructure Performance Indicators Framework
Released 13 February 2013
National Infrastructure Unit
Dec 2012 National Infrastructure Performance Indicators Framework
Released 13 February 2013
National Infrastructure Unit
5 Nov 2012 Performance Indicators Discussion Paper
Released 26 Nov 2012
National Infrastructure Unit
5 Nov 2012 Performance Indicators Grid for Workshops in December 2012
Released 22 Nov 2012
National Infrastructure Unit

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