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Impact Analysis Requirements for Regulatory Proposals

Cabinet's Impact Analysis Requirements support and inform the government's decisions on regulatory proposals.

They are both a process and an analytical framework that encourages a systematic and evidence-informed approach to policy development. The requirements incorporate the:

In particular, the requirements focus on the Government expectation that agencies provide robust analysis and advice to Ministers before decisions are taken on regulatory change.

The key product of the requirements is a Regulatory Impact Assessment. This is a government agency document which summaries an agency's best advice on the Impact Analysis relating to a regulatory proposal. That Impact Analysis should be completed and summarised in a Regulatory Impact Assessment before the Cabinet paper is drafted.

Cabinet's Impact Analysis Requirements and the guidance provided below are focused on ensuring high quality Regulatory Impact Assessments are provided to Ministers to support and inform their decisions on regulatory proposals.

For further advice or information on Regulatory Impact Assessments and Cabinet's Impact Analysis Requirements, please contact Treasury's Regulatory Quality Team via

Doc. Date Title

Cabinet Circular

30 June 2017 Cabinet Office Circular (17)3: Impact Analysis Requirements


4 July 2017 Guide to Cabinet's Impact Analysis Requirements
30 June 2017 Cabinet's Impact Analysis Requirements at a glance
  Guidance Note: Best Practice Impact Analysis i
  Guidance Note: Effective Consultation for Impact Analysis
  Cost Recovery Guidance


30 June 2017 Impact Summary Template
  Full Impact Statement Template
  Stage 1 Cost Recovery Impact Statement Template
  Stage 2 Cost Recovery Impact Statement Template


30 June 2017 Early Engagement for Impact Analysis Form
  Exemption Application Form
  Process Confirmation Form
  Regulartory Impact Assessment Publication Form
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Friday, 7 July 2017