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Quality assurance of RIA

All Regulatory Impact Assessments must be independently quality assured against the Quality Assurance criteria set out on the Treasury website. 

Cabinet’s Impact Analysis Requirements as detailed in CO17 (3) directs that “ The Quality Assurance criteria are the same regardless of who carries out the Quality Assurance.”  

These criteria are as follows:


  • Is all the necessary information in the Regulatory Impact Assessment, as set out in the relevant template?


  • Is the analysis accurate, robust and balanced? 
  • Are the analysis and conclusions supported by the analytical framework, and a commensurate assessment of costs and benefits and supporting evidence?
  • Do assumptions make sense?


  • Does the Regulatory Impact Assessment show evidence of efficient and effective consultation with stakeholders, key affected parties and relevant experts? 
  • Does it show how any issues raised have been addressed or dealt with?

Clear and concise

  • Is the material communicated in plain English? 
  • Is the Regulatory Impact Assessment of an appropriate length?


Last updated: 
Friday, 30 June 2017