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Investor Confidence Rating – Procurement Capability Index

An agency’s ability to procure service-critical goods and services, manage suppliers and providers and work with markets and sectors is an essential part of good investment and asset management.

The Procurement Capability Index (PCI) is managed and run by NZ Government Procurement and Property (NZGPP). It allows agencies to evaluate their procurement capability via a self-assessment tool.

All agencies are required to complete the PCI self-assessment annually and to submit their results to NZGPP. Every three years, in line with ICR, PCI self-assessments for investment-intensive agencies will be reviewed by an independent external consultant and moderated by a subgroup of the Procurement Functional Leadership Advisory Group members, NZGPP and the ICR team. During out-of-cycle years, investment intensive agencies will not be subject to external review or moderation.

For more information, please refer to the New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGPP) website.

Note that NZGPP is currently updating the PCI assessment tool, and the updated version should be available Friday 16 June.

Last updated: 
Tuesday, 13 June 2017