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Government Investment Ministers Group

The role of the Government Investment Ministers Group is to set the strategy for government investment and oversee the make-up of the government's investment portfolio.

Following the 2014 general election, the Government established a Government Investment Ministers Group [1]. The group's role is to set the strategy for government investment and oversee the make-up of the government's investment portfolio [2]. This includes:

  • understanding the direction and array of potential investments available
  • supporting investment decision-making processes that create the best value investment portfolio, including divestment (as well as investment) and targeting resources to their best effect
  • scrutinising investments in development with a view to increase their likelihood of success
  • reviewing the performance of investments against expectations. This includes reviewing progress, benefits, the performance of assets, the measurement and performance of the investment system, and the investment portfolio, in relation to current and future needs
  • better understanding the Crown’s financial risk and contingent liabilities
  • seeking savings and efficiencies from within the government investment system
  • developing an investment strategy to guide investment management across the system
  • modifying the investor confidence rating methodology, reviewing agency investor confidence ratings and making recommendations to Cabinet on any changes in agency ratings, and
  • resolving sequencing and timing issues in relation to significant investments, including the PPP programme.

The group has no approval authority for individual investments.

The Government Investment Ministers Group will use the Government’s Investment Strategy which sets out the Government’s approach to the selection, decision making and management of the Government’s investment portfolio. This strategy, likely to be published in August, will outline Cabinet’s expectations for the public sector with regard to the management of the Crown’s extensive investment portfolio of assets (capital, asset disposals, on demand services and lease arrangements).

The current members of the group are: the Minister of Finance and the Associate Finance Ministers,  and the Minister responsible for the Department of Internal Affairs. They meet monthly and are chaired by the Minister of Finance, with the Treasury providing the secretariat role.

Investment Ministers Terms of Reference (128KB)


  • [1] The Investment Ministers Group replaces the ICT Ministers Group, a group of ministers which met to consider the system-wide impacts of ICT-enabled investment.
  • [2] In this context, investments exclude financial investment functions performed by CFIs or other Crown entities.
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Tuesday, 21 February 2017