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Policy advice measurement

This measurement exercise helps agencies better understand the cost and quality of their policy advice function and helps them identify opportunities for improvement within their agency.

It is also expected that this policy measurement exercise will help inform the DPMC-led Policy Project to improve the performance of the policy function across government agencies by identifying areas where performance and organisational capability maturity could be improved. See the Policy Project section on the DPMC website.

Policy Measurement Report 2014/15

This is the second Policy Measurement Report to be published, reporting on 2014/15. It provides information across 12 agencies that represent around 95 percent of the government’s policy advice appropriations. The report provides consolidated information across 12 agencies; individual agency data has been provided to the relevant agency and the underpinning data is included below.

Policy Measurement Report 2013/14

This was the first Policy Measurement Report to be published, reporting on the two financial years 2012/13 and 2013/14.

See related material below, including the full report, frequently asked questions, and the metric results and data points in MS Excel format.


HTML versions of documents can be supplied on request to
Date Published Document Title Download/View
8 Sep 2015 Policy Measurement Report 2014/15

8 Sep 2015 Frequently Asked Questions - Policy Measurement Report 2014/15

8 Sep 2015 Metric Results and Data Points - Policy Measurement Report 2014/15

8 May 2015 Policy Measurement Report 2013/14

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