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Budgeting in unusual times

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In both New Zealand and Australia export prices have gone up and down a long way. This creates unusual challenges for budget policy.

Meanwhile, demographics are not playing out quite as expected. The big story was supposed to be about pension spending. But the big trend in the UK and US, and increasingly in Australia, is that younger generations are less well-off than their parents as a result of changing patterns of wealth, income, and government benefits and taxes.

Governments in Australasia will need to think differently about their budgets – both taxes and expenditure.

About John Daley

John Daley is the inaugural Chief Executive of Grattan Institute, which provides independent, rigorous and practical solutions to Australia's most pressing public policy issues. The current programs of Grattan Institute focus on productivity growth, cities, school education, tertiary education, energy and health.

John's work at Grattan Institute has focused on economic and budgetary reform. He is particularly interested in government prioritisation. His other interests include analysing the situations in which government intervention is justified, and the limits to government.

He has 25 years' experience spanning policy, academic, government and corporate roles. He has worked for the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet, McKinsey and Co, and ANZ where he was Managing Director of the online stockbroker, E*TRADE Australia.

John completed an LLB (Hons) and a BSc at the University of Melbourne in 1989, and a doctorate in public law at the University of Oxford in 1999.

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