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Guest lecture

Building and spreading evidence-based practices: Lessons from education

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In this seminar Robyn will consider some of the enabling conditions for building evidence based practices at the 'front line'. A central argument is that just as an inquiry based approach is needed to enable changes to 'front line' practices, it is also essential to the way we think about transforming knowledge from one setting to another. This has implications for the implementation of the current policy programme across government. Robyn will draw on her work with the Teacher-led Innovation Fund (TLIF) which is one component of the government's Investing in Educational Success (IES) policy. TLIF provides enabling conditions for teachers to work together and with external experts to pursue questions of practice that they have identified as important to them and their schools and/or Communities of Learning (CoL). A central principle of TLIF is to spread the learning from the school and CoL-based projects across the system. However, the transformation of knowledge from one setting to another continues to be one of the big challenges of education.

About Robyn Baker

Robyn Baker ONZM, has contributed to New Zealand education as a teacher, researcher, curriculum developer, teacher educator and leader. She was the CEO of the New Zealand Council for Educational Research from 2000 to 2014. Since then she has undertaken work for a number of organisations including the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand, the Ministry of Education and the University of Waikato. She is Chair of the selection and monitoring panel for the Teacher led Innovation Fund (TLIF), Chair of Te Toi Tupu (a consortium of five companies that provide PLD for schools & kura), and Deputy Chair of the Board for the Australian Council for Educational.

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