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Composition and Performance of the Crown's Commercial and Financial Holdings: Seminar 10 of Investment Statement Series

Event series: 

In the lead-up to release of the Investment Statement, Treasury is facilitating a series of seminars aiming to foster interest in, and discussion on, matters relevant to the Crown’s balance sheet as well as the sharing of knowledge across the public sector and beyond.

By building interest and fostering debate on themes such as agency performance, capital management, and risk management, it is intended that a sound platform will be provided for release of the Investment Statement.

The Treasury’s goal is to protect value, enhance performance and manage the risks associated with the forty-nine government-owned enterprises that have full or partial commercial objectives.

We promote transparency through public disclosure initiatives including an Annual Portfolio Report (APR) which reviews the performance of the entities it monitors at both an individual and portfolio-wide level.

This seminar involves a presentation by David Snell, Establishment Manager, Monitoring – Mixed Objectives, and Victoria Pattison, Advisor, which will cover the following:

  • Commercial and financial assets owned by the Crown and how this is changing over time.
  • The importance of transparent reporting and disclosure as a way of adding value through monitoring.
  • Performance of the Crown’s State-owned Enterprises and other commercial investments.
  • Performance of the Crown’s financial institutions.
  • The evolving mix of entities with multiple commercial and social objectives.

This seminar will be of particular value to those with an interest in the role Crown-owned entities play in the New Zealand economy, or those that are dealing with monitoring and governance issues.

Bio of Presenters

David Snell, Establishment Manager, Monitoring – Mixed Objectives

David currently manages the Monitoring - Mixed Objectives Team within the Treasury.  Prior to that, he was a Principal Advisor in Treasury’s Tax Strategy Team.  He has previously held a senior role with accountants EY, having commenced his auditing and tax career in the United Kingdom.

Victoria Pattison, Advisor

Victoria is an Advisor in the Monitoring - Mixed Objectives Team within the Treasury, working primarily with Crown Financial Institutions. Previously she worked within the investments business at Mercer, monitoring investments and providing advice on investment strategy to institutional clients.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014