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Guest lecture


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Professor Peter Crampton

University of Otago

Professor Peter Crampton, Department Head, Department of Public Health, Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Otago. Professor Crampton has a background in public health medicine and general practice. His research is focused in two broad areas: 1) social indicators and social epidemiology, and 2) health services research related to primary health care funding and organisation. He works closely with the New Zealand Ministry of Health in a variety of policy areas related to public health and primary care. New Zealand introduced a population-based funding model both for district-level funding and for primary care, which incorporated an area-based measure of socioeconomic deprivation developed by Dr Crampton and others.


This presentation aims to explain that New Zealand has a sophisticated and increasingly fair resource allocation mechanism for primary care, that funding is needs based, that high needs groups not covered in our current funding formulas have to be catered for, and that “needs vs race” language is misleading and confusing. The presentation provides an historical overview of needs based funding in New Zealand, a description of the PHO funding formulas currently in use, an explanation as to why both deprivation and ethnicity are included as measures of need, and finally some comments on the equity effects of the formulas.

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Monday, 15 October 2007