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Fiscal Transparency and the impact of International Public Sector Accounting Standards

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High-quality, robust and effective accrual-based financial reporting systems, such as those based on International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSASs), are integral in enhancing accountability and transparency in government financial reporting.

The sovereign debt crisis continues to be a major cause for concern and emphasizes the seriousness of the results of poor financial management and financial reporting in the public sector. The lack of reliable information about government finances has led to a growing emphasis on improved governmental financial reporting and increased demand for government accountability, as well as increasing concerns about sustainability of key government programs.

Currently over 80 countries have either adopted or have processes in place to adopt IPSASs, directly or indirectly, including New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, Thailand, Indonesia and South Africa. The EC report issued during 2013 considered the suitability of IPSASs for the member states and described the standards as an "indisputable reference" in the development of EPSASs. Other countries like Russia, India and China have also signaled their intention to adopt, though specific deadlines have not been set.


Andreas Bergmann is the chair of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board. Prof. Dr. Bergmann is a professor and director, public sector, at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, School of Management and Law.

In 2010, Prof. Dr. Bergmann was a visiting professor at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.

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