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Guest lecture

Funding Change Ourselves

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Jacqui Graham explores why entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity have flourished in parts of the non-government sector in spite of the system in which they operate.

Non-government organisations in New Zealand like the Wise Group have shown time and time again the ability to innovate. The Wise Group knows that it gets better outcomes for all stakeholders when it funds services itself. It believes with freedom it can be absolutely customer centric and take risks. Some solutions are evidence based and some break new ground.

In an age where we proclaim people centred, value to and outcomes for customers are our new world, are central agencies ready to embrace the level of flexibility and risk required to meet individual customer need?

About Jacqui Graham

Jacqui Graham says her personal purpose is to create every day. She has that kind of brain that continually invents new products and services.

And that sort of creativity didn’t come from traditional learning, in fact Jacqui was not exactly your stellar student. With no access to university Jacqui had little choice but to enter a trade and through a family contact chose psychiatric nursing. This led to a passion for helping the most vulnerable and through a promotion early in her career, to a senior leadership role, discovered a talent for leading projects and people.

In 1989 Jacqui founded what is now known as the Wise Group through which she's established numerous organisations and products nationally and internationally

Formal learning came later and Jacqui now holds a Master of Business Administration. Jacqui describes herself as a social entrepreneur who is part of a growing number of entrepreneurs internationally who choose to direct their skills to social good.

Acknowledged as an expansive thinker Jacqui has contributed at a governance level as Chairman and Director of Trusts and Companies, on numerous government committees including Better Public Services and currently as an external reviewer on the State Services Performance Improvement Framework Team.

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