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Insights on Longevity for the Debate on New Zealand Superannuation Age of Eligibility

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Many countries are reforming public pensions as a result of ageing populations.  The most common reform has been to increase eligibility age. This presentation highlights how emerging demographic theory and practice can help to improve on the evidence typically communicated in the debate on raising eligibility age.  For example, UK policy makers emphasise the perspective of increasing individual lifespans rather than that of population demographics.  The individual approach offers a different understanding of the recent trends in longevity improvement which could help individual New Zealanders avoid longevity risk in their own retirement planning and contribute to evidence-based policymaking.


Alison is an actuary and a member of the Long-Term Fiscal External Panel.  She has a doctorate in longevity risk from Victoria University.  Alison has been a contributor to the UK's pension policy reforms since the late 1990s, and was the founding Director of the Pensions Policy Institute in London.  Emigrating to Christchurch in 2006, Alison has contributed to New Zealand's retirement income policy and to financial literacy policy and practice in New Zealand and internationally.  She is also currently working on insurance issues for CERA.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014