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Guest lecture

The Investment Approach and Social Investment: What's to Like, What's to Worry About

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The 'Investment Approach' as used in MSD and 'Social Investment' are distinct ideas albeit with some common threads. There are serious problems with the former, and it is yet to be clear what the latter really entails with both positive and worrying features. I will take a critical look at both and make suggestions as to a framework which takes the best features and preserves important social values.

About Bill Rosenberg

Dr Bill Rosenberg, Policy Director and Economist, New Zealand Council of Trade Unions: Bill Rosenberg was appointed Economist and Director of Policy at the CTU in May 2009. He holds a B.Com in Economics, a BSc Hons in Mathematics and a PhD in Mathematical Psychology. Bill was previously Deputy Director, University Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Canterbury, and has been a Commissioner on TEC, a member of the Regional Land Transport Committee of Environment Canterbury and National President of the Association of University Staff. He is widely published on labour, economic and globalisation issues, including an article in Policy Quarterly, “The 'Investment Approach' is Not an Investment Approach” available at

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