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Guest lecture

Measuring inequality: in pursuit of a chimera?

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In this talk, Prof Creedy discusses the difficulties facing attempts to provide summary measures of inequality. Developments in the economics literature have emphasised the need to relate summary measures to explicit value judgements, rather than simply providing measures of statistical dispersion. Prof Creedy traces the main contributions and results in a non-technical way, paying particular attention to the problems of dealing with households and families which differ in their composition. Despite the many difficulties he warns against taking a nihilistic view.

About Prof John Creedy

John Creedy is Professor of Public Finance and Economics at Victoria University of Wellington and Principal Advisor in the Tax Strategy section of the NZ Treasury. He has held chairs in economics in the UK, the US and Australia, where for many years he was The Truby Williams Professor of Economics at Melbourne University. His main research interests are public economics, labour economics, income distribution and the history of economic analysis.

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