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New Zealand's Pacific Futures

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What will the future look like for Pacific people in New Zealand, and what will New Zealand’s future look like when it is shaped by the boom in Pacific people? Drawing on some insights from research into Pacific youth, youth educational achievement, and their engagement with technology and the economy, we can learn about some key drivers and themes amongst Pacific peoples.  From these, we can draw out some thoughts about future engagement with the New Zealand and regional economies, and glimpse some views of New Zealand’s broader future, or possible futures.

About Toeolesulusulu Damon Salesa

Associate Professor Toeolesulusulu Damon Salesa is a prizewinning scholar who specialises in Pacific Islands history, education, politics and society. After studying at the University of Auckland, he completed his studies at Oxford University, where he was the first person of Pacific Island descent to become a Rhodes Scholar. His book, Racial Crossings, won the Ernest Scott Prize for the leading historical work in Australia and New Zealand in 2012, and he was co-editor of Tangata o le Moana: New Zealand and the People of the Pacific. He is the founding director of the New Zealand Institute for Pacific Research, based at the University of Auckland, where he is the Director of Pacific Strategy and Engagement as well as Head of Pacific Studies.

Note: Papers, presentation slides and any other material provided by the Guest Lecturer will be made available some time after the lecture at Publications > Media & Speeches > Guest Lectures by Visiting Academics.

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