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OUTCOMES PLUS: The Added Value Provided by Community Social Services

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Community organisations are embedded in the communities they serve and their work is underpinned by their mission or kaupapa. Often it is a mission that transcends current government funding priorities. These organisations have been the longstanding deliverers-of-choice of government social services. They are often only partially funded and usually work in communities with the most complex needs. However the current discourse is one of delivering a result - an outcome for the individual or family concerned. To some, outcomes are seen as commodities which may be most efficiently delivered via a commercial market model. In this outcome focussed world what value do community social services provide? Should this value be recognised when awarding government contracts for the delivery of social services?

About Trevor McGlinchey

In 2008 Trevor McGlinchey began his current role as the Executive Officer for the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services. He began his career as a freezing worker and has worked in numerous seasonal and other short-term industries. In 1986 Trevor started the Te Mahi o Waitaki Trust in Oamaru, this kaupapa Māori Trust developed and operated numerous social enterprises and community initiatives. In the late 90's Trevor joined the Public Service, where he eventually became the Southern Area Manager for the Tertiary Education Commission. In his community roles Trevor chairs Moeraki Ltd a marae based charitable company and Te Ana Whakairo Ltd a social enterprise based on Māori Tourism, he is also a Trustee of Ngā Tangata Microfinance Trust. .

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