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Guest lecture

Realising Value in a Digital World: Rethinking Governance, Leadership and Management

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About Peter Harrison

Peter Harrison is the Principal of Value Management Consulting Pty Ltd, an Australian based boutique consulting firm. He is a global leader in consulting in Value Management and has worked with scores of public and private sector organisations throughout the world to bring an outcomes and value focus to their portfolio of digitally enabling, programs of change.

"The digital economy is not primarily about technology, nor is it just about the economy. It is part of a broader digital revolution that will see seismic shifts not just in technology, but in the nature of our lives, our work, our enterprises – large and small, public and private, and in our societies. A shift that will not just change the nature of products and services, and how they are developed and delivered, but also how we govern, lead, and manage our lives, work, enterprises and societies.

To deliver on the promise of the digital revolution we must do more than just manage our investment in technology. We must rise to the challenge of digital leadership and governance, and focus beyond the initial investment decision. Instead, we must understand and articulate value to inform our investment decision making."

Peter helps organisations shift their culture and to introduce capabilities beyond just 'project delivery' to the achievement of business value from their digital investments. His current and recent clients include: Australian Taxation Office, Australian Bureau of Statistics, University of NSW, NSW Health and the NZ Ministry of Social Development.

Peter's guest lecture will explore this challenge of digital leadership and governance, and will focus on 4 specific areas:

  1. The new digital business reality – are we really prepared for this? (e.g. our use of industrial)
  2. The numerous mind-set changes needed for us to successfully transition to the digital business world (e.g. move to digital leadership, moving beyond delivery to value, and the business governance of IT)
  3. The imperative of taking a business value focus for our decisions in the digital world (e.g. understanding and articulating value to inform decision making via better business/value cases)
  4. The key challenges we experience in most organisations (both public and private) in addressing the value challenge (e.g. prioritisation based on value, and managing investments to actually achieve business outcomes).

Note: Papers, presentation slides and any other material provided by the Guest Lecturer will be made available some time after the lecture at Publications > Media & Speeches > Guest Lectures by Visiting Academics.

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017