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Guest lecture

Reflections and Stories from Customer-centric Approaches in Business and Domestic and International NGOs

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For the last 15 years I have had the privilege of being involved in some very different organisations across several continents. From strongly commercial to humanitarian emergency assistance and the building of livelihoods and resilience, these opportunities have exposed me to many different experiences, ones I never dreamed of having.

Bringing some of these together as observations and stories from different worlds can lead to new ideas and learnings that are transferable across circumstances. I will explore some aspects of purpose, values, people engagement, knowing the customer, data, transparency, and risk taking in the hope that you may glean some insights.

This will not be an academic presentation. Rather a sharing of some disparate real world experiences which may help connect some dots that may improve the lives of some New Zealanders individually and in communities.

Jon Hartley

Until 1999 I worked in a variety of commercial leadership roles in developed and developing countries including the UK, the Sudan, Zambia, Australia and NZ. Executive roles included CFO and CEO as well as NED and chairing large corporates.

I now serve in both the Commercial and For Purpose sectors. I am Deputy Chair of ASB Bank, Sovereign Assurance and Chorus. As a volunteer I chair VisionFundInternational, the global microfinance social enterprise of World Vision, and sit on the Board of VisionFundMyanmar. In NZ I chair the Wellington City Mission, serve as a Trustee of World Vision NZ and a Missioner in the Anglican Church.

Note: Papers, presentation slides and any other material provided by the Guest Lecturer will be made available some time after the lecture at Publications > Media & Speeches > Guest Lectures by Visiting Academics.

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