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Guest lecture

Reshaping Local Government

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A number of jurisdictions are rethinking the place of local government. This paper starts with context: What are the influences driving a rethinking of the role of local government and what does that mean for structure, function and decision-making level - from regional to neighbourhood or community? A number of emerging trends are considered (globalisation; demographic change; technology) as is the present legislative/accountability framework for local government - is it fit for purpose? The paper concludes with comments on the future direction of change in local government.

About Peter McKinlay

Peter is Executive Director of McKinlay Douglas Ltd and works extensively in New Zealand, Australia and further afield. His specialist interests are public policy and local governance, the design of governance structures and organisational strategy. He is currently working with a leading New Zealand policy Institute and other partners on an initiative committed to raising the quality of public debate about the role and function of local government. His other principal interest is the way in which local government throughout the Commonwealth makes use of arm's-length entities for the delivery of services, for the ownership and management of major public assets, and potentially as an alternative means for governance.

About Stephen Selwood

Stephen is the chief executive of New Zealand's peak infrastructure industry body the New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development. He is an expert on the infrastructure sector with a deep understanding of infrastructure governance, strategy, regulation, funding, delivery and management. He has undertaken extensive research of infrastructure policy implementation and delivery within New Zealand and overseas. Particular areas of expertise include, infrastructure industry leadership, productivity, advanced procurement, investment analysis, communications and stakeholder relationship management.

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