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Guidance for Developing and Maintaining a Long Term Investment Plan

Based on the requirements in Cabinet Office Circular CO (15) 5: Investment Management and Asset Performance in the State Services

This guidance supports the April 2015 Cabinet decision to adopt and implement Long Term Investment Plans (LTIPs) as part of its policy on investment management and asset performance. That policy has been published in the form of a Cabinet Office circular CO (15) 5 Investment Management and Asset Performance in the State Services which is available from the Cabinet Office website:

This version of the guidance reflects lessons learned from preparing and assessing LTIPs since late 2015.


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1. About This Guidance

2. Investment System Overview

3. Introduction to Long Term Investment Plans

  • What is a Long Term Investment Plan?
  • The scope of an LTIP
  • The purposes of LTIPs
  • Fit with other strategic planning outputs
  • Getting best value from LTIPs

4. Approach to developing an LTIP

  • Integrity of planning and performance processes
  • Forecasting vs. back casting
  • Adaptive back casting
  • Planning for a plan
  • Factors to consider in the planning process
  • Presentation of the LTIP
  • Refreshing LTIPs

5. LTIP Contents

  • Cabinet’s expectations for LTIPs
  • Making sense of the requirements
  • Structure of the LTIP
  • Other information building blocks

6. Current and Potential Uses of LTIPs

7. Assessment of LTIPs for ICR purposes

8. Getting help with LTIPs

Annex 1. Glossary and Acronyms

Annex 2. Self Check

Annex 3. LTIP Assessment Framework

Annex 4: Summary LTIP Financial Statements

Annex 5: Illustrative LTIP Contents