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Information release

Air New Zealand Information Releases

Issue date: 
Friday, 20 December 2013
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Information releases relating to Air New Zealand.

There have been two significant releases of information relating to the Government's interest in Air New Zealand on these dates:

  • Air New Zealand Sell Down (December 2013) - Treasury Reports and other advice to Ministers, Cabinet papers and Cabinet minutes related to the sell down of 20% of Shares on Issue in Air New Zealand in November 2013 by the Crown as part of the Government Share Offers Programme.
  • Air New Zealand Qantas Strategic Alliance (February 2003) - Release comprises ownership and regulatory advice to Ministers, papers for Cabinet and Cabinet committees and minutes of their decisions;
  • Air New Zealand Recapitalisation (April 2002) - Release comprises advice to Ministers from departments, correspondence between Ministers and airlines, correspondence between other parties, consultants' reports, papers for Cabinet and Cabinet committees and minutes of their decisions.
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Friday, 20 December 2013