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DPMC, SSC and Treasury Letter to Prime Minister, Ministers of Finance and State Services and EXG: Central Agencies Review - 14 September 2006 - EXG Reviews Information Release

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Thursday, 14 September 2006
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The Treasury is one of three Central Agencies working to provide leadership within the State sector.

The three Central Agencies – the State Services Commission, the Treasury, and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet – are working together as a "Corporate Centre" to lead a State sector that New Zealanders can trust, and that delivers better public services, including outstanding results and value for money. This requires the Corporate Centre to take an active role across the sector, and provide system-level coordination, a clear focus and strong leadership.  The Corporate Centre works together, and uses the three agencies’ respective strengths and collective expertise to support the State sector to deliver better outcomes for New Zealanders.

This central agency role reflects the unique position that the three agencies share. They each have, through their individual roles, a State sector system-wide perspective, engagements and connections with every other agency and significant State sector performance levers available (such as the Government’s strategy, Budget and chief executive performance).

The common purpose of the central agencies is a shared interest in a high-performing, trusted and accessible State sector.

Central Agency Responsibilities

Each central agency has its own responsibilities, but also requires contributions from its central agency partners.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet conveys Cabinet decisions to the relevant Ministers and officials and ensures that the Cabinet receives well-conceived and co-ordinated advice. DPMC also has a leadership role in relation to Government themes and priorities, including conveying Government priorities to officials.

The Treasury

The Treasury monitors and manages the financial affairs of the Government and provides economic and fiscal policy advice. The Treasury is the key agency to support ministers in balancing priorities through the Budget process and also provides insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of government agencies and their actions.

State Services Commission

The State Services Commission appoints and manages public service chief executives, provides leadership in capability of agencies, sectors and systems and ensures that State servants focus on addressing Government priorities.

Recent Central Agency Projects

The Treasury contributes to a number of State sector projects as part of its Central Agency responsibilities. These include:

  • Performance Improvement Framework
  • Code of Conduct for the State Services
  • The Cabinet Manual
  • EXG Review - Central Agencies

More Information

The Treasury aims to embed its central agency responsibilities at all levels in the work it undertakes. Information on the Treasury’s current approach to its central agency commitments are contained in the latest Statement of Intent.

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Thursday, 14 September 2006