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Establishment of EXG Reviews EXG Reviews Information Release

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Friday, 21 April 2006
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Documents released in April 2006 relating to the establishment of the Government's EXG review programme.

The Government has released a number of documents under the Official Information Act that relate to the recently announced expenditure reviews by the Cabinet Committee on Government Expenditure and Administration (EXG).

For background to the expenditure reviews read the media release by Hon Trevor Mallard, Associate Minister of Finance on the Beehive web site: Reviews aimed at further improving public service (23 February 2006).

The released material includes briefing notes and other material prepared by the Treasury for ministers. The Government has also released the  Cabinet Committee paper establishing the expenditure review programme.


Information Withheld

Information has been withheld from some of the documents under sections:

  • 9(2)(b)(i) - to protect trade secrets;
  • 9(2)(f)(iv) - maintain the current constitutional conventions protecting the confidentiality of advice tendered by ministers and officials;
  • 9(2)(g)(i) - maintain the effective conduct of public affairs through the free and frank expression of opinions;
  • 9(2)(j) - enable the Crown to negotiate without disadvantage or prejudice of the Official Information Act 1982.
Documents are available in Adobe PDF format only. HTML versions can be supplied on request by Information Services at the Treasury.
Using PDF Files
Doc .Date Title View/Download
10 Feb 2006 Memorandum to Cabinet Policy Committee (POL): Improving Performance and Value for Money Within and Across Votes
91.91 KB
[19 Apr 2006] [Cover Statement for the Original OIA Release Prepared by Office of Hon Trevor Mallard, Associate Minister of Finance]: Official Information Act Release – EXG Expenditure Reviews
24.08 KB
4 Nov 2005 Value for Money Reviews: Preparatory Meeting with Treasury Officials
120.3 KB
7 Nov 2005 Ministerial Expenditure Review Group: Scoping the Expenditure Reviews: Modus Operandi - Points for Discussion
44.17 KB
29 Nov 2005 Ministerial Expenditure Review Group: Package of Material Presented for MERG Discussion with Central Agencies
12 Dec 2005 MERG/non-MERG Decision Criteria
17 Feb 2006 EXG Expenditure Reviews Workplan
345.13 KB
20 Feb 2006 Expenditure Reviews: Meeting with Central Agency Officials
23.82 KB
27 Feb 2006 Treasury Report T2006/244: Expenditure Reviews – Vote Ministers’ Letters
27 Feb 2006 Health Expenditure Review – Vote Minister’s Letter
[Undated] Ministerial Expenditure Review (Post Treasury Session)
34.05 KB
[Undated] Potential Reviews and Actions
29.78 KB
24 Feb 2006 Guidance on Expenditure Reviews for 2006
29.61 KB
17 Feb 2006 Expenditure Reviews: Reconciling the General Expenditure Review Objectives With the Specific Scopes of Individual Reviews
22.78 KB
1 Feb 2006 Ministerial Expenditure Reviews: Improving Performance and Value for Money Within and Across Sectors
20.65 KB
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Friday, 8 August 2008