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Overseas Investment Act Submissions Information Release - A to K

Issue date: 
Friday, 20 December 2019
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Document Date: 
Friday, 24 May 2019
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The Treasury has released submissions provided on the Overseas Investment Act reform: Phase Two consultation paper. Confidential submissions and confidential information contained in the submissions has been withheld.

Submissions A to K
23-05-2019Anderson Lloyd
23-05-2019Anthony Harper
23-05-2019Aotearoa Water Action
23-05-2019Auckland District Law Society
23-05-2019Auckland International Airport Limited
23-05-2019Australian Investment Council
23-05-2019Barclay, Sharyn
23-05-2019Bathurst Resources Limited and BT Mining Limited
23-05-2019Bell Gully
23-05-2019Boswell, David
23-05-2019Brady, Professor Anne-Marie
23-05-2019Broatch, Andrea
24-05-2019Brown Partners Lawyers
31-05-2019Buddle Findlay
23-05-2019Butel, Dave
222.52 KB
20-05-2019Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa
23-05-2019Capital Markets 2029 Steering Committee
22-05-2019Carter, Jane
23-05-2019Chapman Tripp
23-05-2019China Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand (CCCNZ)
231.82 KB
23-05-2019Christchurch City Council
23-05-2019Comvita New Zealand Limited
23-05-2019Constellation Brands NZ Limited
23-05-2019Contact Energy Limited
24-05-2019Corporate Taxpayers Group
23-05-2019Crowe, Deborah
23-05-2019Cull, Paul
09-05-2019Curtis, Yvonne
24-05-2019DLA Piper New Zealand
24-05-2019Downard, Julie
24-05-2019Drylandcarbon One Limited Partnership
24-05-2019Duncan Cotterill
24-05-2019Elwell - Sutton, Paul
24-05-2019Employers & Manufacturers Association (EMA)
24-05-2019Federated Farmers of New Zealand
26-05-2019Federation Mountain Clubs of New Zealand
20-05-2019Findlater, Neville
23-05-2019First Gas
24-05-2019Fish and Game New Zealand
23-05-2019Fletcher Building Limited
705.01 KB
24-05-2019Genesis Energy Limited
23-05-2019Greenwood Roche
23-05-2019Hamblett, Annette and Michael
23-05-2019Henderson, Ray
23-05-2019Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga
23-05-2019Hill, Linda
22-05-2019Horn, Dr Chrys
23-05-2019Howell, Dr Robert
23-05-2019Hughes, James
23-05-2019Hyman, Prue
23-05-2019Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Auckland Incorporated (NISUI-KAI)
20-05-2019Kawakawa 1D2 Ahu Whenua Trust
23-05-2019Kaye, Linda
20-05-2019Kenton, Susannah
22-05-2019Knowles, Peter

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Thursday, 23 January 2020